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About Us


PT. Belto Limar Wisesa is specialized in greenhouse industry, consisting by 3 departments :

1- Design and engineers in structure, environment control, irrigation and planting, we offer not only economical products but also professional suggestion for your full project.;
2 - Wholesaler center for all kind of greenhouse kits and planting kits. We can offer different kits in one package in short time;
3- Exporting Company for serving international customers.
Professional service is pursued always. Our service is not only to offer Greenhouse Structure OEM and Greenhouse kits but also Full Greenhouse System.

Greenhouse types we offered includes Single Tunnel, Gothic Multi-span Greenhouse, Double-layer Warm-Keeping Greenhouse, Saw-tooth Greenhouse for hot place, Round Roof &V Roof of Polycarbonate Greenhouse, etc.

Our company Specialized in Greenhouse Industry and Irrigation System